About this service:

Ants are the most frequent and persistent pest seen around homes & offices. Ant invades the home to forage for food or seek shelter or both. It contaminate food by carrying germs from unsanitary areas where they have been crawling, to clean areas such as Kitchen counters, Food storage, food containers or even on food directly.

Besides being a nuisance, ants also build unsightly mounds on your property and cause structural damages by hollowing out wood for nesting. The most irritating issue about ants is that they can bite a human which may cause allergies & skin diseases.

What we do for you:

Ant control requires diligent efforts & specialized Pest Control methods for efficient results.

Pest Cure offers an Eco Friendly solution for Ant Control in Homes & other premises. A spray of Non Toxic, odorless chemical is done in the entire premises which eradicates all existing ants & provide resistance to the property to restrict entry of ants further.

Service Benefits / Highlights :

  • Eco Friendly Pest Control Solutions
  • Human Friendly
  • Non Messy Process
  • Odorless Treatment
  • 1 Year Guarantee

Pest-Cure is amongst the most renowned companies in India for ants control, ants pest control, pest control for ants, pest control carpenter ants, carpenter ant pest control and much more.

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