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Eco Friendly Pest Control Solutions 

Published : Nov - Dec 2012 (Magazine - Construction & Architecture Update)

Pest Cure Incorporation believes safety of Human Life along with keeping the Environment Clean & Healthy. Here comes Pest Cure Incorporations 'Eco friendly Pest Control Solutions'. Click here to download the issue



Pest- A nuisance 

Published : July-August 2012 (Magazine - Construction & Architecture Update)

If we suspect pests of any kind, it is vital to make sure we deal with them quickly. Uncontrolled pests could infest our home/offi ce, spread diseases, or cause a number of other signifi cant problems.Click here to download the issue


Keeps Pest at Bay

Published : August 2011 (Magazine - Physician Today) 

Sometimes, we feel that unwanted parasites have invaded our home. We find termites in our timber, a pack of possums in pantry, a flock of fleas on floor, or rats in bedroom. That moment we realise the need of pest cure at homes.  Click here to download the issue