Corporate Pest Management

PictureAbout this service:
Pests in the Office/working area can result in loss to business & reputation and can cause massive damages to Property & Important files.

Pest-Cure’s trained & qualified inspector can come to your premises and provide a detailed Inspection of the property, followed by a written report and recommendations.

What we do for your Business:

  • Send an expert Technical Executive to identify your pest problem, inspect and find the source of infestation.
  • Recommend and provide suitable Pest Management and prevention procedures with proposal.
  • Provide an effective treatment to save your property/important things from getting damaged in future.
  • Provide you tips & recommendations on how to keep away from pests & live in a safe & healthy environment.
  • Keeping a regular check on site for any re-occurrence of problem to avoid any inconvenience to you & your business.
  • Guarantee our work.

Specific services:

  • Total Elimination of Pest, specifically tailored for offices & Corporate houses
  • Stored Product Pest Control
  • Ant Control (Pavement Ant, House Ant, other invading Ants)
  • Insect Control (Flies/Mosquitoes) – Wall Coatings / Fogging – Smoke / Insect Light Trap
  • Rodent Control and Structural Rodent Proofing
  • Bird management – Spikes / Net / Gel
  • Disinfection treatment for Germs & harmful Bacteria
  • Termite Treatment (Most effective subterranean Termite and other Wood - Destroying organism treatment available)

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