Disinfection Treatment

About The Service:

Today we are facing several problems due to various Virus & Bacteria related diseases & problems.

Some of them are Swine Flu, Food Poisoning, Chicken Pox & many more, which may lead to even deaths.

As per a study, most poluted / infected place we ever visit is our HOME. While living in Delhi NCR, we get in contact with various Diseases / Infections. We get different services at our homes through labor or outsiders who may carry deadly infections along them. In order to keep our home/work place safe from deadly Infections we should get Disinfection Teatment on regular basis.

A Disinfectant treatment is very helpful to kill Virus & Bacteria & give a healthier & safer environment.

A Broad Spectrum Environmental Cleaner & Disinfectant is used by Pest Cure Incorporation for Cleaning / Dusting of Surfaces & hard objects, Mopping of floor & Air Fogging of the premises. (Please refer to Annexure below for list of Virus /Bacteria killed under this treatment, along with infections/diseases that may cause due to same.)

Disinfection treatment can also be used to disinfect Surfaces / Critical Instruments which may come in contact with blood stream in hospitals.

We highly recommend Disinfectant Treatment in Schools / Hotels / Hospitals & Clinics along with Residences where chances of infestation is high due to heavy footfall.



1)    Moping / Cleaning / Dusting of Hard Surfaces & Objects

Broad Spectrum Environmental Cleaner & Disinfectant is used for different process listed below:-

a) Hard Surface Dusting

b) Floor Mopping

c) Cleaning of Other Objects

 The disinfectant is used on hard / non – porous surfaces that dry the air and kills bacteria.


Major source of infestation/spread of Virus & Bacteria is through Air.

Air Fogging (Cold) of the premises is very beneficial to control the infestation. It is the best possible solution to get rid of Bacteria and virus. We use Broad Spectrum Environmental Cleaner & Disinfectant. The active ingredient of this disinfectant kills the growth of bacteria/virus found in the air. Specialized (Imported) machines / equipments are used by Pest Cure experts for Fogging and mistreating of the entire premises to get rid of Bacteria & Virus Infestation.

Please note : Only Disinfection treatment is not sufficient to keep you / your family away from the possible infections. You too need to be very careful while going out at crowded places & most important: Use Disinfection / Hand Sanitizer in general on daily basis.


List of some of the Bacteria / Virus covered under this treatment :

1 Salmonella Cholerasuis : Typhoid Fever

2 Canine Distemper : Eye Inflammation

3 Avian Influenza : Chicken Gunia & Swine Flu

4 Klebsiella Oxytoca : Infections in Lungs

5 Yersinia Enterocolitica : Skin Rash

6 Staphylococcus Aureus : Food Poisoning

7 Human Coronavirus : Cold / Cough

8 Rotavirus : Fever

9 Vaccinia Virus : Small Pox

10 Hafnia Alvei : Diarrhea

11 Chlamydia Psittaci : Cholera

12 Geotrichum Candidum : Lungs Diseases