DIY Cockroach Repellent

Area Covered:

40gms tube covers approximately 550 sq. ft of standard residential area.

Activation Period

Considering the Egg cycle of cockroach of 21 days, we need to understand that the Herbal Repellent will take 6-9 days for 90% result and approx. 21 days to complete relief.

How To Use:

Spot Treatment : A tiny spot of gel (Size : dal) has to be applied in drawers / cabinets & at cracks / crevices. Approx. distance between two spots within one feet. Make sure that  a spot is not cleaned or wiped during daily cleaning process.

Effectivity Period:

The gel is effective up to 3-4 months. It is suggested to re-apply the gel after 3 months.

Where to use:

roach_herbal_400Kitchens / Bathrooms / Toilets

  • In Cracks & crevices
  • Window Corners & Behind Door-Hinges
  • Inside kitchen trolleys
  • Under kitchen sinks
  • Under Toilet / Bathroom Basin

Other Rooms

  • Under sofas / Under Chairs & Sitting arrangements / Behind doors & windows
  • Inside & under beds / Computer tables / Near electrical switch boards

Is it Harmful ?

  • Herbal extract mixed with a food source. Ancient pest repellent formula of “Margosa Kernal” is used in our “Veto Cockroach” It has a unique property which repels all type of cockroaches, after eating our baits.