Flies Control

PictureAbout this service:
Pest-Cure has unique treatments & products for Flies Management since 2001.

These services & products are recommended for Hotels, Open Restaurants, Resorts, Commercial Complexes, Fast Food Centers and Residences.

While rendering these services, Pest-Cure’s experts first inspect the site / property, then suggest solutions for Maximum Effectiveness and assure that our services/products are beneficial to the maximum.

Treatments Available are:

Baiting System:
Similar to other baiting methods, Pest-Cure has a unique chemical (in Powder form), which attracts Flies towards it with its fragrance & kills it once the chemical is consumed. It is surprisingly a very effective solution. Pest Cure Inc. places this baits at required locations in a specially designed Bait Station.

This service is rendered for Flying Insects (MOSQUITOES) problem at inside area of a Building, like Hospitals | Showrooms | Offices | Residences etc

Fogging is a process of mist creating at the entire premises (Open area) using specialized and imported machines/equipments. At Pest-Cure we use Deltamethrin (BAYER) for Fogging. Fogging of Deltamethrin disappears quickly and leaves no residue.

Fogging is majorly required at large sized sites like Townships, Schools/Colleges, Government Buildings and Apartments etc.

Product Available:

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