Pinnacle Web Experts

Pinnacle is an Internet consulting company into Professional Web Design, Development, Marketing and Hosting of all types of Web Solutions for a professional and effective online presence for your business. Pinnacle Web Experts are working with diverse Business clients including Paints Studio, Construction & Waterproofing Company, Pest Control Management, Image Consultants, NGOs, Public Speaking Clubs and many more diverse businesses.

Domain Name Registration, Renewals and Management
domain_400We only deal with renowned domain registrars and we will renew your domain name(s) at competitive prices. On your behalf Pinnacle Web Consultants will organise the registration of domain names of any type (.com,, .in, .net, .org, .us, etc). A domain name or a series of domain names can represent a valuable asset for any business. Pinnacle Web Consultants can offer advice in this area and information about the various terms and conditions required by the domain registrars.

Website Hosting and Site Management
Pinnacle Web Consultants offers professional hosting services which will give clients a reliable and fast loading web site.

Web Site Development
develop_400Web development - from one Landing page to fully interactive online stores.Our websites are professionally developed and can include one or all of the following:

  • Great Look-n-feel for your website with smart graphic design
  • Ease to navigate
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Integration with office databases and management information systems
  • Dynamic pages so that you can update them yourself
  • Content Management tools to allow in-house updating of website content
  • Site content management systems
  • Customised e-commerce solutions
  • Payment Gateway facilities for online Credit Card/Debit Card transactions
  • Search facilities
  • Appropriate use of animation tools such as Flash
  • Online forums
  • Long term management and maintenance of site
  • Optimisation for high placement on search engines for your selected keywords so that people can find your site.

Web Site Maintenance
Pinnacle Web Consultants can assist you with routine updates of your website as required, charged on an hourly basis. Usually our client maintenance work is charged on an as-needed basis. Alternatively, you may sign an Annual Maintenance Contract with us.

We do not need to redesign your website to do maintenance on your site, unless we mutually agree it is necessary.

Web Site Facelifts / "Web Rescue"
We have spoken with many senior managers of respectable companies that tell us they are embarrassed by their website. "A good idea at the time", these sites are sometimes built by the nephew, neighbour or friend, who dabbled in something new at the time called HTML and even Flash, and with the right intentions built what was at the time "acceptable" or maybe even clever. Your website is an important reflection of your business profile. A well designed, easy to navigate, fast loading and functional site should support all other marketing efforts. Please talk to us and we can transform "that site" to one that you and your staff will be proud of.

Emailers/ EDMs/ Newsletter Management
Pinnacle Web Consultants assists organisations in conducting newsletter marketing campaigns. We offer a broad range of services in this area including email opt-in list management, list management software implementation, newsletter preparation, sending out of newsletters to mailing lists and general consulting. We also design and mail the EDM's (electronic Data mailers) for your organization.

Search Engine Optimisation
seo-blocks_400Pinnacle Web Consultants provides many of our clients with enviable results when it comes to getting top 10 and even the top 3 placements for a given set of "keywords" in search engines like GOOGLE (these rules constantly change).

Site Reporting
Someone rightly said "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it" so part of this ongoing relationship with you is to provide the reporting tools that you need to measure your website traffic, not just general numbers but a comprehensive view of the number of visitors on pages, how they found your site, the length of time they spent on the site, the pages they visited and so on. We can also report on your position in the search engines for relevant search terms and against your competition.

Fees for this service will vary but our basic site management fees include comprehensive reporting and also basic search engine optimisation (SEO), as noted. For sites already built and running on other services we can tailor an SEO package for you.

Flash Presentations
stationFlash banners to enhance a website and present your marketing messages can be created for you by Pinnacle Web Consultants. We recommend against flash intro pages for a website, though we have been asked to do these where appropriate, but small flash animations can be a good way to present a message for your visitor in a small amount of screen space.

Business consultants
We can provide consulting for your business and can design a roadmap for its success on the Web/Internet.

Business Stationery
Business Cards - Single sided/Double sided, Envelopes, ID Cards, Letter Heads.

Business Cards - Your office stationery is your first introduction to the outside world. So create a great first impression with business cards by using our Innovate Design techniques for your personalized design.

Envelopes - Without a doubt, a matching envelope is what adds the final finishing touch to your letters. Impress your clients with truly professional letters, quotations or invoices. No more plain and boring envelopes – so order your matching set today!
Letter Heads - Your letterheads has as many recipients as the content it is used for. From customers proposals and invoices, to official documents and appointment letters; letterheads lend that air of gravitas to your business.
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