Pest-Cure Control Product

Glue Traps - Rodents
All you have to do is open a Glue trap and place it along the rat’s (expected) route at night. The scurrying animal walks right onto the trap and before it realizes, it’s stuck for life.
Glue Traps - Lizards
Now you do not require using toxic chemicals for Lizards Control. Pest-Cure’s Glue Traps is a Non Toxic, Eco Friendly product to get rid of Lizards.
catch-a-roach Catch-A-Roach
Catch-A-Roach is a key solution for infested area to eliminate cockroaches and derive satisfactory results.
  Fly Trap Rolls
Plastic Spikes
These Spikes prevent the Birds to sit on the surface (installed). It is extremely uncomfortable for bird to sit on the applied surface.
Bird Away Net
Bird Away Net is a nearly invisible bird control product that comes in black, stone (beige) and white colors to blend with your structure.
Bird Gel
Bird Away Gel can be applied on all surfaces like beams, girders, grills, meshes, supports & other places where birds can sit & roost.
  Steel Spikes
Ultrasonic Equipments
Ultrasonic Pest Repellar Machines (RODENT / RAT / MICE). Also repels other Pests like Spiders, Cockroaches, Ants, etc.
Fly Bags
Fly Trap contains an irresistible bait for flies which comprise of food ingredients and flavorings. Lured by scent, flies enter the trap through the top cap.
Mosquito Trap Machine
It is designed considering natural instincts and habits of mosquitoes and hence traps almost all species of mosquitoes.
  Electronic Fly Catcher
A fly-killing device is used for pest control of flying insects, such as houseflies, wasps, moths and mosquitos.
DIY Rat Repellent
After much R&D & efforts put together our team invented a special product to Repel Rats
 roach_herbal_400 DIY Cockroach Repellent
A tiny spot of gel (Size : dal) has to be applied in drawers / cabinets & at cracks / crevices.
 lizard_harbal_400 DIY Lizard Repellent
Considering the product a herbal repellent, 90% result / effect can be seen in 6-9 days.